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pets talk: Avenge Me!

on October 29, 2012


Xiao-Kai (transliteration of 小開) the Chihuahua was adopted by his mother. He looked a little depressed when brought to Miss Dolito; no one knew why he was so upset.

Miss Dolito tried to get him open to them; after a little while, Xiao-Kai finally talked. He said, “I got bitten. I’m so mad.”

Miss Dolito asked Xiao-Kai’s mom who bit him, and then we knew the reason why Xiao-Kai was depressed.

Xiao-Kai’s mom’s sister had a Poodle, who bit and bullied Xiao-Kai often.


Xiao-Kai said to his mom, “Avenge me! That dog is a jerk!” His mom smiled and nodded, saying,”I didn’t that dog has been bullying him. No wonder Xiao-Kai looks so upset!”

Speaking of that Poodle, Xiao-Kai became angrier. He added, “It’s a bleached Poodle.” We lol’d. I assume that’s a Cream Poodle?

Xiao-Kai even asked his mom, “Can I not see him again?” The mother hugged him and said, “I’ll try!” It seemed that she had to discuss this issue with her sister.


Xiao-Kai’s mom was curious about his real age; she wondered if he knew exactly how old he was. Xiao-Kai said, “I’m still young.” But how old? There was no answer since Xiao-Kai didn’t have a calender.

Then Xiao-Kai said to his mom, “You want to have babies.”

She laughed. She said she was too old to have babies; Xiao-Kai seemed to agree with her. Xiao-Kai said, “I can be your baby.” Wasn’t it sweet?


Xiao-Kai was asked why he was being a fussy eater. We were told that Xiao-Kai barely ate his feed. He said, “Because I want to eat the same thing you eat, human’s food.”

The last question: Xiao-Kai’s dad had been busy and went home late at night almost everyday. Was Xiao-Kai unhappy about that?

To her surprise, Xiao-Kai was smart enough to see the  whole picture. He said, “I’m happy. You’re making more and more money.” His mom laughed again. Xiao-Kai knew his dad was busy working for the purpose of offering mom and him a better life, so he didn’t complain. What a smart dog!

Feb 15, 2012

Click here to see this story in Chinese. :)

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  9. Highly descriptive blog, I enjoyed tha a lot. Will there be a part 2?

    • dolitotaiwan says:

      I’m happy that you enjoyed it. All the pets that were brought here were adorable. A part 2 might be impossible though.
      The waiting list ends in 2026 and most of the pet owners know that they should leave the chance to those who haven’t been here yet. But there will be a lot more different stories. And I hope you can enjoy them as well 🙂

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