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Dolito’s pets talk: Play Dead

on October 25, 2012

Have you seen your pets playing dead after their bad deeds are found out? Well, I personally don’t have this kind of experience. My own pets would do “slow motion” when they’re busted, but never play dead. Yet things are different in Miss Dolito’s house, where there are over 15 pets. Today I want to share another short story of Chocolate the Poodle; he’s really a naughty but overly cute boy.

One day, Miss Dolito came home with a bag of toasts. She put the bag on the dining table, and took a short leave. When she’s back, she found that some dog had peed on that bag.

It’s obvious who did this, since Chocolate was the only dog that could jump up to that table. So Miss Dolito shouted out, “Chocolate!”

Almost at the same time, Chocolate collapsed on the sofa and lied there motionlessly and speechlessly. No matter how many times she called his name, he didn’t move at all. So she stopped calling, and started counting time to see how long he could last.

After a while, Chocolate couldn’t stand the awkward silence. He raised his head and said, “I won’t have to play dead if you don’t scold me.”

Miss Dolito replied jokingly, “No. Keep playing dead. If you stand up, I will scold you for sure. What’s more, I’ll probably hit you.”

Chocolate immediately collapsed again, “I’m dead!”

Apr 12, 2011

Click here to see this story in Chinese. :)

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