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pets talk: They’re Here For Me

on October 24, 2012


Though most people believe that cats and dogs are like oil and water, many families still have cats and dogs at the same time. We’ve seen many cases in which cats and dogs get along surprisingly well. But what I’m going to share today is definitely not one of them.

DuoDuo (transliteration of 多多) the Maltese was very energetic and always wearing a big smile. While Mochi the Persian-American Shorthair mix cat stayed in his carrier quietly; he didn’t seem as happy as DuoDuo was.

DuoDuo started to talk first, which was not a surprise. He said, “We belong to different owners.” DuoDuo’s owner was the mother of this family, and Mochi’s owner is the daughter.

DuoDuo said, “They’re here for me. They want to know what I think.” He smiled.

Miss Dolito told the mother that DuoDuo was asking for all our attention. He wanted us to only focus on him.



DuoDuo said to the sister, “You rarely take care of me. You’re a heartless person.” He obviously wasn’t worried about being offensive. “I’m not afraid of anything because Mom’s got my back!”

Then he said to his mom, “I want a girlfriend. Hurry up. Start looking now!” DuoDuo was already seven and he couldn’t wait anymore. “Hurry! You promised me long time ago! My patience is running out!”


After DuoDuo finished talking, we all looked at Mochi, waiting for him to speak. But he kept his silence till Miss Dolito suggested they bring DuoDuo to another room and leave Mochi alone. Once DuoDuo was out of Mochi’s sight, Mochi started talking.

“I once lived outside of home with you.” The sister nodded. Mochi went on, “I want to live outside. With you. I don’t want to live with DuoDuo!”

The sister asked, “You don’t like him, do you?”

“I hate him! He bullies me.” said Mochi. No wonder he seemed so upset when DuoDuo was talking.



Mochi said to the sister, “You have a job now. I hope you to work hard.”

Mochi was actually two years younger than DuoDuo, but he was like an adult while DuoDuo was like a child. Their personalities were so different.

“You didn’t work hard enough. All you’re thinking about is hanging out with your boyfriend. I suggest that you work harder!”

Mar 06, 2011

Click here to see this story in Chinese. :)

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  1. Lily says:


    Great site about pets, found it on bing today. Cool……

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