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Dolito’s pets talk: Shocked

on October 19, 2012

Just got back from another business trip. I thought I could post something by using my Galaxy tab but the attempt failed, apparently. Anyway, today I want to share with you an old but impressive story in Miss Dolito’s house. In this photo are the Schnauzer brothers Da-Xiong(right) and Xiao-Guai(left).

They have very different personalities. And Xiao-Guai used to make fun of his brother; he always criticized his look. He always talked about how cute he was and how ugly Da-Xiong was.

One day, Miss Dolito was in front of her dresser. There was a cheval mirror near her door, and Xiao-Guai happened to walk by.


Miss Dolito heard Xiao-Guai screaming. She immediately went near him, and asked what happened.

“I didn’t know that Da-Xiong and I look exactly the same! NO!!!” cried Xiao-Guai.

I laughed so hard when I heard this the first time, and I still laugh when thinking of it now. I heard that Xiao-Guai never made fun of Da-Xiong again since then.

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5 responses to “Dolito’s pets talk: Shocked

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