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pets talk: Adapting Myself

on October 15, 2012


This case is kinda special to me. In fact, it was my first time to be part of the pet consultation, as Miss Dolito’s assistant, taking photos and writing blogs.

Xiao-Hu (transliteration of 小虎; 虎 means Tiger) the Scottish Fold was a cute girl. However, she seemed a bit upset when she was taken to Miss Dolito.


Xiao-Hu started to talk shortly after the consultation began. She said, “There’s a huge change in my life.”

The owner immediately said that they had just moved to a new place. Xiao-Hu said, “I’m still adapting myself.”


The owner smiled. She told us that Xiao-Hu hadn’t been happy since they moved. She was worried that Xiao-Hu was angry or something. And it turned out she was just not used to the new place yet.

But then Xiao-Hu said, “You didn’t tell me why we’re moving. I’m still wondering. So I am a little upset.”


Pets were like children. They didn’t like things that didn’t come with explanations. Xiao-Hu’s owner explained to her right away that they moved because she got a new job and it’s too far from where they had lived.

But Xiao-Hu still said, “I’m upset about moving.”

The owner asked Miss Dolito what she should do. But there really was nothing she could do but wait for Xiao-Hu to get used to the new environment.

So remember next time if you’re going to move, or you have to leave your pets for a while (e.g., business trip, hospitalization.), be sure you make enough and clear explanation to your pets. Let them know why you’re making this change in their life, and that you’ll be back and you love them. They will feel better if you do that.

Dec 04, 2010

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6 responses to “pets talk: Adapting Myself

  1. rosedixon says:

    You are so right. Pets like to be kept informed about changes that will affect them. They like routine and anything new without an explanation causes them stress.

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