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pets talk: I Want A Necklace

on October 12, 2012

More and more people love to dress up their pets nowadays. Some of the pets seem reluctant, while the others really enjoy it.


Happy the white Poodle belonged to the latter. He was 4 when his mom took him to Miss Dolito and he was the boy who cared about his look the most that we had ever seen.

We were holding pet consultation in a pet beauty shop(which also had the service of pets boarding) as a charitable event. Most of the pets Miss Dolito consulted there were clients of this shop; the owners donated to help stray animals and had the chance to hear what their pets wanted to say.

Happy said to the pet groomer, “I like you; you’re nice to me.” Look at the photo, how happy the pet groomer was when hearing that!

Happy then said, “Mom used to take me to another shop. The people there weren’t so nice.” His mother was surprised. It was not why she stopped taking Happy there; she had no idea that Happy wasn’t treated well in that shop. “I was kind of naughty, so they yelled at me sometimes.” explained Happy.


He stopped talking about that shop. He said, proudly, “I love my haircut! But I don’t want to dye it.” He looked at his mom.

Happy’s mother said surprisedly, “We were just having a discussion about dying his fur!” Of course they did. That was why Happy was protesting. “You have discussed this. And I don’t want to dye my fur!” Cause Happy had his own style.


Happy’s mother asked him what services he liked; he said, “I love spa!” And then she asked, “What were you doing at home when I was out for work?” Happy said, “I was waiting for you to come back.” Cute answer. But his mother was a little surprised. She told us they had another dog at home; she wondered why Happy didn’t play with him. Then Happy said, “I don’t want to talk about him.” Oops! Looked like they weren’t getting along well.

The mother was thinking about other questions, while Happy interrupted, “I’ve had this collar for a long time.” His mother nodded. We thought he liked it but then he said to the groomer, “You have something new in stock. There’s that shinning one.” So, obviously Happy took a fancy to the new collar with rhinestones.


Happy told us, “I wasn’t staying here while boarding.” The shop owner explained that this shop wasn’t big enough, so they took the pets somewhere bigger to make sure that they felt comfortable. But Happy liked it here. He said, “I want to stay here.”

He was taking this place as his second home. His mother smiled and asked him how many times per year he wanted to stay here, he said, “It’s all up to you.”

The mother was going to ask how he felt about his godmother. But Happy interrupted again, “I want to get rid of this collar! I want a necklace!” after a pause, “I love wearing clothes, too.” Happy’s mother laughed. She could tell that Happy loved to get dressed. And Happy already had so many clothes that he even had a small closet. Happy said, “I can change my clothes every day!”


“Fine, fine. . . “said his mom, continuing to ask about his godmother. But Happy still didn’t answer the right question. Happy said, “But I don’t like shoes!”

Happy’s mother sighed with an awkward smile on her face. She didn’t know how to tell her friend that Happy didn’t talk about her. Happy knew what his mother was thinking, so he finally said something about his godmother. “I hope she get a divorce.” Period. Later we learned that Happy didn’t like the husband of his godmother. (He wouldn’t call him ‘godfather.’) And his mother still didn’t know how to tell her friend that.

Finally Happy went back to the subject he liked. He said, “Perfume. I want to wear perfume!”

What an interesting case. Happy was really the sassiest poodle I’d ever met!

Sept 03, 2011

Click here to see this story in Chinese. :)

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2 responses to “pets talk: I Want A Necklace

  1. rosedixon says:

    What a wonderful job you have. I used to work on reception in a veterinary centre. I loved seeing all of the animals.

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