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Miss Li’s Cases: Always Be Grateful

on October 9, 2012

(Below is the translation of Miss Li’s blog. I stands for Miss Li.)

I learned a lesson back when we went to Thailand in September. I was helping a young girl to communicate with Brahma, and I was deeply touched by the words of God(s).

This girl was a good girl; she’s sweet. But she kept changing jobs. She couldn’t find a job that can make her happy, so she was complaining.

Brahma and I listened to her quietly. After a while, Brahma smiled. Wong Tai Sin, a well-known God in Hong Kong, followed us to Thailand, and he smiled too. I was kinda confused.  Brahma didn’t say anything, but Wong Tai Sin did.

Wong Tai Sin said, “Child. This is what people tend to do: complaining. It is like an instinct. People complain so much that they often forget to be grateful. Let me ask you a question. How do you feel about your husband?”

I replied, “He’s an alcoholic.”

Wong Tai Sin said, “But have you ever thought about the fact that he’s been there for you all these years? You’ve been through a lot together for more than 30 years. He never complained or left.”

Wong Tai Sin continued, “That is what I am taking about. People are used to complaining. They tend to see the bad side of others instead of the good side. And it is making people hate each other that they break up, quit their jobs, or even run away from home.”

I asked, “But, what if it’s bad if they don’t break up?”

Wong Tai Sin answered my question, “If they’re not good for each other, God will separate them. But before that, they still need to be grateful for their other half. Being grateful is more important than donating to charities. And you can’t just say it. It must come from your heart. Be grateful for everything and everyone no matter what. Then your life is complete.”

Brahma laughed and said, “Do you understand now? Be grateful, and complaints will disappear. In this way, the world will be full of positivity.”

That was right. We tended to complain about other people; we saw their flaws. We blame others for everything. But we couldn’t see what’s good in them, and we couldn’t see what’s not good enough in ourselves.

But I still had questions. I asked Wong Tai Sin, “But what about bad people? Should we also thank them?”

Wong Tai Sin said, “Yes. Exactly. Because they set a bad example, we know what we shouldn’t do.”


Be grateful! It’s a little bit hard, but it makes lots of sense. Stop complaining, always be grateful!

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