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pets talk: I LOVE Cats!

on September 28, 2012

Animals are like humans. Some of them are talkative, while others are quiet. Some can concentrate, while others get distracted easily.

A couple brought their pets, two Boston Terriers named Christa and Roxy, waiting in line. While they were waiting, Miss Dolito was talking to a cat. Roxy (the younger one) got very excited seeing the cat; she almost rushed to the cat if her mom didn’t hold her tightly.


It was their turn to talk. Roxy screamed, “I’m highly interested in cats!” And she was still staring at the cat who just finished talking.

We smiled and thought that Roxy must really like cats. But then Roxy said, excitedly, “I wanna attack it!” Her mom held her even tighter.

We told the cat’s owner to take their pet out of Roxy’s sight. Roxy said, “I LOVE cats!” Love as a predator’s interest in preys. Holy…


Christa spoke after a little while. She said, “I lived abroad. Just came back recently, I’m still adjusting myself.” The couple nodded. They lived in the States and just came to Taiwan lately.

Christa went on, “I’m not used to Taiwan yet. The food is different. I miss the food back in the U.S..” Christa’s mom said they mixed two kinds of dog food in the U.S., but they had been busy since they came back so they gave Christa and Roxy only one kind of dog food. That couldn’t be hard to fix, right?


Christa said to her mom, “You’re going to have a baby. I look forward to it. Congratulations!”

The owners smiled. Many people would be worried. Would my pets and baby have bad influences on each other. . . things like that. But not Christa and Roxy’s owners. They even believed that Christa would take care of the little baby.

But then again, Christa looked at Roxy and said, “Keep an eye on her, She might attack the baby.”


So far, we thought Christa was very mature. But she could be naughty sometimes.

Christa said, “I run away whenever I get the chance.”

Miss Dolito was surprised, a little nervous too. She asked the owners if Christa ran away before. They thought for a while before the mom spoke. She said, “I think I know what she was talking about. Every time we take her to the park, she ran away suddenly. At first we went looking everywhere, but then we found that she just went home.”

She asked Miss Dolito, “Doesn’t she like the park? Why does she do that?”

Christa answered, “I like to play this game with you.” So this was actually Christa’s favorite game to see how long her owners took to find that she’s at home. But the owners still got nervous every time she did it.


Suddenly, Christa was talking about a ‘playmate.’ Miss Dolito asked if Christa had other playmates besides Roxy. The owners looked confused; they couldn’t think of Christa’s other dog friends. But shortly after that, they did think of one ‘playmate’ of hers.

The mom laughed and said, “Could be my brother Jerry! He used to play with her before he went to work in Japan. They were good friends!”

Christa said, “I miss him very much. I miss my playmate. I miss him. Will I ever see him again?” She was also concerned about him. She said, “I wonder if he’s doing okay. I hope he’s doing great! I miss him very much!” She kept saying that. We could tell how much she liked Jerry.

Miss Dolito then suggested that they could use the webcam to stream a live video, so that Christa and Jerry could see each other often even if Christa was in Taiwan and Jerry was in Japan.

Dec 03, 2011

Click here to see this story in Chinese. :)

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