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pets talk: You Never Shared

on September 20, 2012


DuDu (transliteration of 嘟嘟) the Maltese came with her family. She sat on her sister’s lap, smiling at Miss Dolito. So we were surprised when DuDu began to talk. She said, “I bite!”

DuDu said to her sister, “You like me very much. And I like you, too.” Then she went on, “You have to study harder. Sometimes your mom told you to study and you talked back. You shouldn’t talk back to your mom.”


DuDu talked about her sister’s shortcomings, “You’re lazy. You eat a little too much but you never shared.” DuDu’s point was that the sister didn’t share food or snacks with her.

When asked about her health, DuDu said, “I feel tightness in my chest, even when I’m panting. I also have trachea problems.”

DuDu told the sister about her condition so that they could make a specific description to the vet.


Finally, DuDu said to her sister, “You’re peevish. Your husband always puts up with that, but you have to change. If you don’t change, your husband will eventually be fed up with you.”

It seemed that the sister could use a piece of advice from DuDu.

Sept 08, 2012

Click here to see this story in Chinese. :)

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