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Dolito’s pets talk: Crush

on September 16, 2012

Finally got back from a long business trip. It’s a shame I don’t have a laptop; that’s why I couldn’t update this blog while I was out. But anyway, I’m back! And I’m going to share the latest story of the papa poodle in Miss Dolito’s family.

Chocolate’s dad, Kuli (if you don’t remember him, you can read this post) is now living in the ground floor of the pet hotel, greeting and playing with every pet here. But these days, he only wants to play with one pet in particular.


Her name is Betty. She’s a quiet girl but because she’s in heat, we have to put her in the fences to separate her from the boys, Kuli for example.

Kuli had been watching her and staying right next to her for a few days. Even if Betty ignored him as always, he just didn’t know when to give up.


Kuli even asked Miss Dolito, “Mommy, can I marry her?”

Well, the answer was no. Not only because Betty was our guest, but because she’s already married! Yet Kuli still didn’t give up on her.


The other day, when Miss Dolito came back, Kuli ran to her and said, “Mommy! Can you help me communicate with her? I wonder why she always ignores me!”

So Miss Dolito went talking to Betty, “Hi, how’ve you been?”

Betty looked at Miss Dolito with confused eyes and said, in Taiwanese, “What did you just say? I don’t understand a word!”

Miss Dolito got up and said to Kuli, “Give up. Kuli! You two are not in the same world!”

Kuli asked, “Why?”

Miss Dolito told him, “Because you speak different languages! She speaks Taiwanese like Da-Xiong does. She can’t even understand what you say, and you don’t understand what she says either.”
(Da-Xiong is a Schnauzer in Miss Dolito’s family, who speaks Taiwanese. You can read this post to get to know him.)


But Kuli still didn’t give up.

He said to Miss Dolito, “Mommy. can you bring Da-Xiong here? He can be the interpreter!”

Hmm. Seems like he won’t give up until Betty goes home!

Sept 13, 2012

Click here to see this story in Chinese. :)

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4 responses to “Dolito’s pets talk: Crush

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  2. Rayya says:

    Kuli’s dedication to win Betty’s love is just adorable 🙂

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