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pets talk: I Bite Vets

on September 7, 2012


Won-Tzi (transliteration of 丸子, meaning something round as balls, usually referring to food like meatball) is a ten-year-old Chinchilla. Her name describes her well.

But she didn’t look very happy in the photo. What happened?


Won-Tzi said unpleasantly, “Why’re you taking me to a vet?”

She mistook Miss Dolito for a vet; that’s why she looked so annoyed.

She warned Miss Dolito, “Don’t touch me. I bite vets.”

Miss Dolito and Won-Tzi’s mom laughed. They didn’t expect Won-Tzi would accept their explanation immediately. So Miss Dolito didn’t try to touch her.


Won-Tzi said to her mom, “I like that the three of us live together now.”

Won-Tzi was very satisfied with living with her mom and dad. “Don’t change again. I don’t like changes.” mom in the house they’re living. said she.

Won-Tzi’s mom promised there would not be any new environment for Won-Tzi to adapt herself to. She’s an old cat and change was the last thing she wanted in her life.

Sept 05, 2012

Click here to see this story in Chinese. :)

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