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pets talk: I’ll Be Lonely If She Leaves

on September 5, 2012


I have mentioned that Miss Dolito takes people to Thailand to pray to Brahma every month. There were people currently living in Thai seeing this information online, and asked if they could take their pets to Miss Dolito while she’s there. Later, Miss Dolito managed to meet them in Bangkok.

Their pet is a Beagle named Nori, a very cute and energetic boy.

Nori said to his dad, “I love you. I hope you can work harder. Don’t be such a lazy bone.”

Nori’s dad didn’t know how to explain to him that he’s actually not lazy at all. His working hours were not fixed and Nori only saw him when he’s taking a break.

Nori continued, “I’m a good boy. I don’t bark a lot, and I don’t bite either.”

His mom nodded, showing agreement.



Nori turned back to say to his dad, “You spend too much money. That worries me.”

Nori’s dad was speechless again. He gave Nori everything that could be called the best, and took him to travel, but according to Nori, it was a waste of money.

Nori said, “I hope you can treat mom better. You scold her sometimes. You think she’s a fool, and she’s been tolerant.”

Nori’s parents smiled. His dad said he was only explaining things to her when she didn’t understand them. It might be the loudness of his voice that made Nori misunderstand.


Nori said, “There’s a foreigner in our house. She’s a nice person.” The foreigner Nori referred to was their Filipino maid, who was very nice and friendly to Nori. “She’s thinking about leaving. I’ll be lonely if she leaves.”

He looked at his dad, “I hope you can be nicer to her. You have a good heart but you tend to say something mean. I hope your words can be as good as who you really are.”

Nori’s dad nodded and promised him that he will change.

May 25, 2012

Click here to see this story in Chinese. :)

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