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pets talk: I Was Too Nervous

on August 24, 2012


Cooper the Labrador Retriever was taken to visit Miss Dolito, but right before he started to talk, he had a seizure.

When it was over, he calmed down and said, “I was too nervous so I had a seizure again.”

There were too many people and pets, plus he was going to talk to Miss Dolito, so he just got nervous. Thankfully he recovered soon.

What did Cooper want his family to know? Cooper said, “I don’t want to go on a diet.”


Then he said, “You seldom take me out now. I miss the old days; it’s totally different now.”

We didn’t ask why. Cooper’s family apologized to him and said that they needed some time to get adjusted to a new life.

Cooper turned to face his mom, and said, “Your kids are seldom home. You don’t have enough strength. I can understand.”

If she took Cooper out and Cooper started running, chances were she couldn’t hold him and Cooper might get lost or have some accident. So she dare not take Cooper out.

Cooper understood, so he didn’t blame anyone. But still, he missed the old days.


He kept talking to his mom, “I’m worried about you. You work very hard. You’re a great woman.”

Cooper’s mom had been supporting this family all along. Cooper was worried that she’d be exhausted. And he wanted her to know that he’d always be there to support her.

Cooper then turned to his sister. He said, “You don’t work hard. You have to look up to your mother if you want to be successful.”

He encouraged his sister, and hoped that she’d be successful one day and could take care of her mom. Cooper was such a sweetheart!

Aug 04, 2012

Click here to see this story in Chinese. :)

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