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pets talk: Sooorry

on August 14, 2012


LeLe (transliteration of 樂樂, 樂 means happy) the French Bulldog is a two-year-old girl. Her owner too her to Miss Dolito and got very surprised. Let’s see what LeLe said.

LeLe spoke in Taiwanese, “Usually it’s the old people who take care of me.”

It’s too bad I don’t know how to make Taiwanese and Mandarin sound different in English translation. They’re actually very different.

LeLe protested (also in Taiwanese), “I love eating. They don’t feed me enough; I’m hungry! It’s not like I’m on a diet!”


LeLe spoke of her grandma. She said, “That old woman grows things. Once the things grow, I get hyper. And once I get hyper, I have to bite or chew something.”

The owner told us her mother was growing vegetables. And LeLe always chewed the vegetables and caused damage to them.

LeLe continued, “That old woman would start to whine, and I just ignore her.”

We were speechless. LeLe, can you not bully your grandma?


But LeLe kept showing off, “They can’t catch me. HA HA HA!” and she said, “As long as they chase me, I run. The faster I run, the louder they yell. And I get more amused!”

This was not a game you should play with your grandparents, but LeLe enjoyed it very much.

“This is our daily amusement!” said LeLe. Well… her daily amusement she meant.


LeLe said to the owner, “Oftentimes, you talk to me, but I don’t understand a word you say. I’m sooorry—-“

The owner often talked to LeLe in Mandarin. But LeLe only spoke Taiwanese so she didn’t understand. The owner was so surprised.

Later the owner leaves comment on our Chinese blog and says that, she talks to LeLe in Taiwanese now. And LeLe really behaves better after that. Really interesting, isn’t it?

July 04, 2012

Click here to see this story in Chinese. :)

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