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pets talk: I Wanna Go Out

on July 26, 2012


Aidy, a very cute poodle, was taken to Miss Dolito. It took him some time to focus and get prepared to talk. Miss Dolito told Aidy’s mom that he said something about ‘desex;’ it was not very clear but Miss Dolito thought it was the issue Aidy wanted to start with.

Aidy shouted out all at once, “I don’t want to be desexed!”

His mom laughed and said, “Really? Thank God I haven’t done it yet! We’ve talked about desexing him several times back at home, but we’re still hesitating.”

Now she knew that Aidy was totally against it.

“I want to have babies! I want it very much!” said Aidy, pleading.

The mom nodded. She heard Aidy’s wishes.


Then Aidy said, “I want a companion.” A brother/sister, or wife maybe.

Aidy’s mom asked why, and he answered, “I’m bored!”

Both Aidy’s parents had jobs and when they’re out, Aidy was all alone at home. That ‘s why he wished Mom to have another pet.

Speaking of his lonely time at home, Aidy said sadly, “I was caged. I was upset.”


Aidy’s mom told us that Aidy tended to destroy things a lot when he’s by himself at home. So Her husband and she had no choice but to cage him till they came back from work.

Aidy insisted, “I don’t want to be caged!!”

Aidy’s mom asked, “No cage, fine. What about fences? Will you be okay with fences?” Aidy didn’t give her a straight answer, but kept screaming that he didn’t want to be caged.

Maybe Aidy’s mom just needed to get him a playmate!



“You don’t let me run freely.” said Aidy.

The mom nodded immediately. She said they once let go of the leash and let Aidy run freely, and then Aidy rushed everywhere and they could barely keep up. At that time Aidy almost got lost, and that really frightened them. So they dare not let go of the leash now.

Aidy pleaded again, “I want to go out.”

Miss Dolito told Aidy’s mom that Aidy promised he wouldn’t do the same this time. He was also scared that he was going to be a stray dog.



Aidy looked at Mom and said,” Take me for a walk, will you?” And by “a walk” he meant running.

The mom looked at Aidy’s face which was full of anticipation. How could she turn him down? So she nodded, and said, “Okay!”


Aidy became so excited he couldn’t stop jumping and biting his leash. “I wanna go out!!!” He kept saying, and he was in no mood for talking.

Aidy’s mom asked Miss Dolito if Aidy said anything else. Miss Dolito smiled and shook her head, because all Aidy was saying was, “I wanna go out! I wanna go out! I. Wanna. Go. Out!!!”

Jan 12, 2011

Click here to see this story in Chinese. :)

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