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pets talk: I Want Her Dead

on July 4, 2012


A family took a poodle and a dachshund to Miss Dolito. Teddy the poodle was the main reason they were there; they made the appointment for him few years ago. While Lulu the dachshund was a comparatively new member of this family.

As soon as Teddy started to talk, he said, “You were planning to have a poodle girl. But instead, you brought this(meaning Lulu) home.”


Teddy continued, “My hope was gone. I’m so mad that you replace my future wife with a dachshund!”

Teddy obviously was looking forward to his poodle wife, but then, Lulu came.



Lulu didn’t  seem to care about what Teddy was saying.

Then Teddy said, “So I’m gonna bully her, and torture her, and I want her dead!”

Errrr calm down Teddy!!

I really hope the family could come up with some ideas to make Teddy happier for poor Lulu’s sake. Maybe just find him a girlfriend which he wants so bad?

June 30, 2012

Click here to see this story in Chinese. :)

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