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pets talk: My Wife

on June 25, 2012


TienTien(transliteration of 天天) the cute golden retriever has got a special toy from his owner. When Miss Dolito saw him with this toy in his mouth in the pet hotel, she felt interested and said, “What a cute toy you’ve got, TienTien!”

TienTien told Miss Dolto, “This is my wife.”

Miss Dolito repeated his words, “This is your wife?”



Then TienTien said, “Everyone knows my owner is trying to blow me off with this ugly toy. He says this is my wife all the time.”

Miss Dolito laughed and said, “I see. But you still take it with you everywhere.”

TienTien ran to a young lady and said,


“I prefer this one!!”

Dogs have feelings too. They love real dogs; no toys or other things can replace a real wife.

June 25, 2012

Click here to see this story in Chinese. :)

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