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pets talk: You Have Someone Else

on June 21, 2012


BuBu the 3-year-old poodle was taken to Miss Dolito earlier this month. However, BuBu didn’t look excited. Nobody knew why he wasn’t happy.

BuBu said to his dad, “You’re still studying.” then to the other owner, “You already graduated.” Both the owners nodded.

BuBu turned to his dad again and said, “But you’re not actually STUDYING.” The dad felt a little embarrassed. He wasn’t a hard-working student indeed, but he still felt embarrassed when BuBu told us that.


BuBu then said, “I don’t understand why you rarely sleep at night.”

Well, that was nothing to be surprised at. It was just undergraduates being undergraduates.


BuBu said to his dad, “I’m living with you now. Poor me! I’m in a single parent family now.”

We looked at BuBu, and were surprised that he knew about the term ‘single parent family.’

BuBu went on, “Why did you break up with Mom? You have someone else, and I’m angry with you.”

After all, love and feelings were simply uncontrollable. There was no way to fix that.

BuBu said, “I love Mom. She is the best. You will regret!” He stopped talking like this was the only thing that he wanted to tell his dad. BuBu didn’t want to leave mom, so he couldn’t get over it.

We hope he could forgive his dad soon.

June 02, 2012

Click here to see this story in Chinese. :)

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