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pets talk: I Can Be Your Girlfriend

on June 18, 2012


You may not be surprised to see this pet parrot, but how do you feel when you see this:


A pet rooster! This was the first time I saw someone keeping a rooster as a pet. The owner was a bird-lover and he had that parrot named Huang-Lui-Hung (transliteration of 黃綠紅, meaning yellow-green-red). Then His friends gave him this rooster, said they caught it but didn’t know how to do with it. So he kept the rooster and named him Chiu-Chiu-Chi(transliteration of 啾啾雞, Chi means rooster). He took these two to the charitable weekend trip we held and donated to help stray animals.

Huang-Lui-Hung was four years old and really attached to her owner. She told Miss Dolito that she pecked humans and intentionally approached Miss Dolito. Miss Dolito smiled and said that Huang-Lui-Hung was trying to scare her to let her stay away from the owner, so she just sat nowhere near him.

Then Huang-Lui-Hung started to talk.


Huang-Lui-Hung spoke in Taiwanese instead of Mandarin because the owner tended to speak Taiwanese at home. She said, “I’m also a vegetarian.” The owner nodded. He himself was a vegetarian, so he fed his pets veggie too.

Huang-Lui-Hung then said to the owner, “You don’t have a girlfriend. Go find one.” Well that’s not as easy as she thought to find the right girl. It just took time. But it was also understandable that Huang-Lui-Hung was concerned about her owner.

She said, which made everyone smile, “You’re not looking for a girlfriend. Are you gonna be a monk?” Most of the pets would doubt the owner’s sexual orientation in this situation. Huang-Lui-Hung was the first one who thought differently. “You’re gonna be a monk.” said she.


Afetr a while, Huang-Lui-Hung said, “I’m a girl. I can be your girlfriend.” Wasn’t she adorable? She said to the owner, “I love very much.” The owner nodded happily.

Finally, Huang-Lui-Hung told the owner, “Keep practicing Buddhism.” Then it was Chiu-Chiu-Chi’s turn. Chiu-Chiu-Chi said, “You have the habit of reciting a mantra. Keep doing that.” It was believed to be really helpful, mentally or physically, to recite a mantra.

Chiu-Chiu-Chi was so cute to lie in the owner’s arm like a baby and enjoy the petting. He seemed so relaxed.


Chiu-Chiu-Chi said, “You also give me vegetables.” The owner nodded again. He told us he didn’t know where to buy chickenfeed so he just fed him veggie as well. Then we all cast our eyes on Chiu-Chiu-Chi again. He said, “So I’m on my own.”

We looked at the owner, wondering what Chiu-Chiu-Chi meant. The owner explained to us that Chiu-Chiu-Chi would catch some cockroaches at home. It might sound a little scary but did it mean that he wouldn’t have a roach problem? Now I want a rooster too.

Chiu-Chiu-Chi said to the owner, “You can go catch some worms for me.” We laughed. The owner said he might ask some of his bird-lover friends about where to buy the feed. Chiu-Chiu-Chi lay in the arms of the owner and said, “I’m meant to stay with you.”

Then Chiu-Chiu-Chi went on, “You practice Buddhism. You have your own Buddha hall.” The owner nodded again. He was a very religious man. I hope the best for them and their ‘serendipity’, which I found to be close to what I called ‘Yuan’ in this post.

September 17, 2011

Click here to see this story in Chinese. :)

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