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pets talk: You Did This To Me

on June 15, 2012


A poodle couple, Jordan and JoJo, came to see Miss Dolito. They were very cute, and they looked at Miss Dolito in the eye as if they were ready for starting a conversation.

JoJo was the one to talk first. She said, “I had babies. I miss them.” The owner was surprised. She said that JoJo did have puppies, but they all died very young. She didn’t know that JoJo would be looking for her missing children.


“I can’t find them, not anymore.” said JoJo sadly. She knew her babies were actually GONE and there was no way she could find them. And she was just sad.

JoJo said, “I’m a good girl.” The owner nodded.


JoJo looked at the little sister, and said, “She cries a lot. I can’t stand her crying.”


Jordan finally talked, He said, “I can’t have babies anymore. It’s your fault. You did this to me.”

Jordan was desexed. The owner felt sorry when they knew what was weighing on this sweet poodle couple’s mind, and they asked Miss Dolito for advice: what can they do to make it up?

Miss Dolito told them, that Jordan and JoJo would feel better after speaking out their problems. Now all the owners could do was just to love them with all their hearts.

May 06, 2012

Click here to see this story in Chinese. :)

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