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pets talk: He Is Crazy

on June 11, 2012


Cooper the Yorkshire terrier was brought to the pet shop where a charitable activity was held and Miss Dolito was invited. But he was obviously unhappy. Every pet and owner was thrilled that day except him. Let’s see what happened.

At the beginning, Cooper was not in the mood for talking. His mom tried very hard to get him started to talk. Cooper said, “I want a girlfriend.” Then he said, “I should have had one already.”

Cooper’s mom explained to us that Cooper had a chance to get a girlfriend before. But she didn’t contact the other owner actively, so it kinda went nowhere and Cooper hadn’t got a girlfriend ever since. The mom even thought about desexing him. Cooper responded on hearing that, “I don’t want to get desexed!”


We thought Cooper was unhappy about not having a girlfriend, but he’s not actually; the girlfriend thing was just a start of the conversation.

Cooper suddenly said, “A heavy guy.” He repeated it over and over again. Miss Dolito asked Cooper’s mom if there’s a heavy guy in their family, or maybe a relative. She thought for a while and said it could be her husband or son. Then Cooper went on, “He doesn’t believe dogs can talk.”


“That’s my son.” said Cooper’s mom. She said that he didn’t believe that dogs could talk like a human, and he disdained her excitement about taking Cooper to Miss Dolito, which hurt Cooper’s feeling very deep.

Cooper said angrily to the mom, “He said you’re crazy. HE is crazy to me!”

Cooper’s mom tried to comfort him. We couldn’t force everyone to believe it after all. But Cooper just couldn’t get over it. He said, “You tell him. I really can talk! He looks down on dogs. I’m so mad!” The mom kept petting him and nodded, promising him she will tell her son that.


Cooper nestled to mom, saying, “The whole family say that you spoiled me. You didn’t. I’m a good boy.” That was true. There were a lot of pets there in the shop, and many pets were busy screaming at each other, but Cooper just stayed quietly in mom’s arms.

Cooper said to mom, “Thank you!” He really appreciated her kindness.


Cooper said, “I’m smart.” Then he talked about the family. He said, “I’m worried about their jobs. They think they’re good enough and wouldn’t take your advices. So leave them alone. It will be better for you to just live your own life.”

Despite of his unhappiness, Cooper comforted his mom. What a sweetheart!

October 08, 2011

Click here to see this story in Chinese. :)

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