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pets talk: Don’t Go with Him

on June 8, 2012


YuanYuan (transliteration of 圓圓) the maltese was adopted. Thank God he met a nice person and he’s happy finally.

YuanYuan said, “I had another owner before. I was abandoned and I was very angry.”

YuanYuan kept saying, “I did nothing wrong. Why was I abandoned?”

YuanYuan still couldn’t accept it. All the abandoned pets might have the same question.


Since abandonment’s mentioned, Miss Dolito posted a blog about this topic the other day. Humans have several reasons for not being able to keep their pets, some of which are irresistible. For example, the owner get sick and can’t take good care of the pets, and has to let others (parents, families or friends) raise them to make sure they live a good life.

However, in pets’ mind that’s called abandonment because they don’t know why their owner changed. Whatever reason you have, you just have to communicate with your pets patiently and repeatedly to let them understand your difficulties. We can’t promise the pets won’t be angry though.


YuanYuan said to his mom, “Thank you for raising me. You don’t have a job now. I’m happy because that means we can stay with each other everyday. I’m so happy!”

Actually YuanYuan’s mom just took a temporary leave. She’d be back to work in a few days. We didn’t know if that would make YuanYuan unhappy, but we believe that he could understand.

YuanYuan siad, “Sometimes there are foreigners coming to our home. I don’t understand what they say.” That was YuanYuan’s dad’s friends from Japan.

“They drink a lot. I hate it when they come to our home and Dad would drink a lot with them. I don’t like it.” said he.


YuanYuan went on saying, “Dad is a boss. He doesn’t have to work hard. And he likes to spend money, and does whatever he wants.”

Err, was it because your dad didn’t come to see you talking that you kept speaking ill of him?

YuanYuan said to his mom, “He often goes abroad. Don’t go with him.”

The mom was surprised and asked why.

“Because I’ll be waiting for you all the time.” said YuanYuan. Maybe they can bring YuanYuan with them next time?

Finally, YuanYuan told his mom, “My heart is not in very good condition. I wheeze sometimes.” and hoped mom would be more careful about his health.

June 03, 2012

Click here to see this story in Chinese.

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