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pets talk: I’m Not Bluffing

on June 6, 2012

Three sisters took two dogs, GoGo(transliteration of 哥哥, meaning big brother) the cavalier king charles spaniel and  DiDi(transliteration of 弟弟, meaning little brother) the maltese to Miss Dolito. GoGo simply sat beside the owners quietly, while DiDi was just the opposite. He ran around and barked a lot, showing great energy.

When Miss Dolito tried to pet DiDi, he shouted out, “I bite people!!” Miss Dolito smiled, and asked the owners if DiDi bit humans. The owners looked at each other and said they didn’t know; DiDi didn’t bite them after all.

Then DiDi screamed, “It’s true! I’m not bluffing!!!” Then he said, “I also swear! And I also bark!” He did bark when he said that. Miss Dolito told us that DiDi had the personality of a gangster. That’s why he had to show who’s the boss (Apparently in his thoughts, He.) in the beginning.

DiDi said, “My family are all girls. Useless.” The sisters looked at him, eyes wide open. Why did DiDi say that?

Miss Dolito explained that DiDi was like a gangster who liked to fight. And he thought girls couldn’t fight. So he said girls were ‘useless.’

“There’s no man in my house. Not even one.” said DiDi.

Actually the sisters’ father was still home. But he’s a man with little responsibility so he’s not a true man in DiDi’s mind.

DiDi said, “I didn’t expect that man would be so irresponsible. He’s really very irresponsible. And I’m angry with him!”

DiDi suddenly said to one of the three sisters, “You’re the most useless one!” It’s not over yet. He said, “You’re the fattest and the ugliest!”

That sister was speechless. DiDi kept shouting, “You don’t have a boyfriend. I’m so worried.” and then he said, “You didn’t offer money to your mother. You should at least give some money to support her life. She worked so hard to raise you. . . are you listening?” Yes, yes, she was.

The sister scolded by DiDi was optimistic. She said it didn’t matter DiDi scolded her like that. After all, she was the only sister that DiDi talked about. The other two seldom stayed at home, so DiDi had nothing to talk about them.

If you want to know how your pets feel about you, you should really stay with them as much as possible.

June 04, 2011

Click here to see this story in Chinese.

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