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pets talk: That’s All I want

on June 4, 2012


Cola the corgi was taken to Miss Dolito by his owner. Cola’s owner is a friend of Hadou‘s owner; they came together that night.

Cola said to his owner, “I expect you to be a boss.” The owner was surprised that Cola knew about her plan to open her own shop.


Cola said, “It’s cool to be a boss.” And it’s cool to be a boss’s dog, too.

Cola continued to say, “Your boss is a dick. I want you to be a boss yourself and kick him in the ass!”

The owner laughed hard, and couldn’t stop nodding. “So true!!!” She kept saying.

Cola said, “You got to do that. But I think you’re lazy, so I’m worried.”

Cola’s owner still nodded, but speechlessly this time. . .

Cola began to talk about something else. He said, “You’re too optimistic.” The owner agreed, but she didn’t consider that a bad thing.


The owner held Cola in her arms and petted him. Cola said, “I love massage.” It was like he’s telling her, “Don’t stop! Keep doing this!”

Cola changed subject again. He said, “You admire the aborigines. So do I.”

The owner said she did once talk about how she admired the aboriginal character/personality, and she was surprised that Cola agreed with her.


Cola suddenly said, “There’s no way you can lose weights.” Wow, Cola, you should have said something better. . .

But then Cola said, “I love you very much!”

The owner was so happy to hear that, and asked if there was something Cola wanted.

Cola looked at Hadou, “I want to be like him. Being so free. No leash. Going out by myself. That’s all I want.” said he.

Well, Hadou could go out by himself and go back by himself too. But Cola couldn’t, and the owner wouldn’t want to lose him. So I guess it’d be hard to fulfill Cola’s wishes. . .

May 02, 2012

Click here to see this story in Chinese. :)

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