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pets talk: Treat Me Well

on June 1, 2012


HaDou (transliteration of 哈豆) is a mixed dog, 7 years old. He’s in a good shape, and very good-looking.

When Miss Dolito attempted to pet him, him warned, “I bite humans.” Sometimes it’s just uncontrollable, so Hadou had to warn Miss Dolito.


Hadou said, “I don’t like old people. There are old people in our house. I’m afraid I’d collide with them and cause them death. Could you let them move away? I’m really afraid that may happen one day!”

Everybody laughed hard. Hadou was really funny!


Then Hadou said, “I know a foreigner. That foreigner is hardworking. Yet I don’t like her very much.” Hadou referred to the Philippino caretaker who took care of the old people in their house.

Hadou said, “Her skin is not lighter than mine. And she’s just like me. She has snacks secretly.”

The point was, Hadou said, “Even when I caught her having snacks, she didn’t share her snacks with me!”

We wondered, if the Philipino girl shared her snacks with Hadou, would Hadou keep her little secret?


Hadou talked about himself, “I’m handsome!”

Then he said to the owner, “You’re the apple of your parents’ eye. And you’re in a shape which is round as an apple. So you have to go on a diet.”

The owner was totally beside herself.

Hadou went on, “You don’t have a job. You’re just fooling around all day. Don’t you get bored? I get bored!”

We started to worry that Hadou might be punished for nagging at his owner. But then Hadou said, and it was the end of his talk, “I love you as well. Thank you for raising me. Please treat me well!”

May 02, 2012

Click here to see this story in Chinese. :)

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