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Dolito’s pets talk: Hug Me

on May 31, 2012

Apparently WP.com still has some problems to fix. Yesterday I was on a business trip so I scheduled a post the day before, but then we had a post which contained nothing yesterday. And I have to write it again; fortunately, it’s just a short post.

I hope you remember Xiao-Shin-Shin from this post. She’s the cat Renee adopted from a stray animal’s shelter, and Miss Dolito keeps her in the office. Below is the translation of Miss Dolito’s blog. I stands for Miss Dolito.

Nobody knows what happened to Xiao-Shin-Shin today.

Once I talked, she screamed, and stopped when I stopped talking.

I talked again. She screamed again, and screamed like crazy.

I stood beside her cage, and she started to jump everywhere like a fireball.

I asked her, “What’s wrong with you? Why are you screaming like that?”

She said, “I haven’t seen you in ages! Come and hug me!!!!”

So now I know that sometimes pets act weird only because they miss their owners too much. They are just too excited to see the owners again and want the owners to give them a hug!

I took Xiao-Shin-Shin out of the cage as fast as I could and gave her a big hug.

May 29, 2012

Click here to see this story in Chinese. :)

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4 responses to “Dolito’s pets talk: Hug Me

  1. kdkh says:

    Do you cage all your cats?

    • dolitotaiwan says:

      No, only when we’re temporarily out. Xiao-Shin-Shin is too curious about everything and she often tries to run out. So we have to keep her in the cage lest she runs out and gets lost.

  2. […] probably don’t remember that there’s a white cat (besides Xiao-Shin-Shin) in Miss Dolito’s home. I mentioned her in this post where Renee’s cat Max got a wife […]

  3. […] I went to Taipei for the shooting of a show. The show runner said it was going to be my interview; there wouldn’t be other guests or pets. So I was asked to bring my own pets, one dog and one cat, there. I chose to bring Pon-Pon and Xiao-Shin-Shin. […]

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