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pets talk: Stay Home

on May 29, 2012


Mini the Yorkshire terrier has participated in our charitable activity once. His parents donate to TienYuan Life Care Association monthly to help stray animals and get Mini a member card. With that card they can take Mini to Miss Dolito again without having to wait till 2026.

Mini said, “I’ve already talked to you before. Today I came here to play, not to talk!”


After a while, Mini spoke again. He said, “You have headaches.”

Mini’s mom admitted that she had headaches sometimes.

Mini said immediately, “I got infected. Don’t pass it to me!”

I believe I have mentioned before that pets share the burdens of their owners involuntarily in this article. And as I said everything has exception, Mini seems to be the kind that doesn’t like to share his owner’s burdens.


Mini then said, “I watch TV with you. The programs you watch suck! They’re boring.”

And he changed subject again and said to his dad, “You don’t earn enough money. Earn more!” then to his mom, “And so you don’t have to work.”

Mini’s dad was surprised. His salary was about twice the average. Mini’s mom couldn’t stop laughing because they knew why Mini said that. (And I have to tell you that Mini had said the same thing before)


Mini said to his dad, “You can have a part-time job.” then again to his mom, “And you don’t have to work. You just stay home with me!”

Mini thought that if his dad could make more money, his mom wouldn’t have to work and could stay home and play with him. For Mini’s mom, this could be the best idea. Lol!

May 06, 2012

Click here to see this story in Chinese. :)

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