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pets talk: I Won’t Grow

on May 26, 2012
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The system of our Chinese blog has a function called ‘random articles;’ it shows some links to our older posts for readers who might just miss them or want to read them again. So here comes this one cause I think I gotta share something that’s not only dogs and cats.

We were holding a charitable event that day, and there was a swimming pool for pets. Mochi (transliteration of 麻糬) the miniature pet pig wasn’t willing to go into the water at first; he even screamed when his owners took him into the pool, which made many people laugh. He was just adorable.

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Mochi stayed in mom’s arms, and kept quiet for a while before he finally said, “I hope I can get better food.”

Miss Dolito asked curiously, “What’s the problem with Mochi’s food?”

Mochi’s mom laughed and said, “We’re helping him to go on a diet. But we often change flavors.”

Mochi said, “I want to have snacks.”

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Then Mochi told his parents, “I won’t grow any bigger; you don’t have to worry.”

This was what he said. But who knew if he’s gonna grow if the parents let him eat whatever he wanted?

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Mochi said to his parents, “You’re not married yet.”

Miss Dolito asked the mom, and the latter showed agreement.

Mochi then said, “Will you two get married?”

Mom answered, “Of course we will! We just need more plans.”

Mochi said, “I’m worried that you’re not going to get married. You’ve been together for a long time. Why haven’t you got married yet?”

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The other pet in this family is Ni-Ni (transliteration of 妮妮) the golden retriever.

Ni-Ni said to dad, “You have some complaints about your work. You have to stand it.”

The dad nodded, “Sometimes I have problems in my work. I’d discuss them with my girlfriend.” said he, pointing to Mochi’s mom.

Ni-Ni emphasized again, “Stand it. Don’t quit.”

Ni-Ni’s dad smiled and said, “Don’t worry too much. I won’t quit! Are you afraid that you’ll get nothing to eat if I don’t have enough money?”

But Ni-Ni didn’t answer.

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Mochi’s mom asked Miss Dolito if Ni-Ni had more to say. “Ni-Ni was adopted. She doesn’t have a good appetite.” said she.

Ni-Ni said, “I eat more than I did already.”

The mom replied, “Right. But still she’s not eating much. So we’re worried about her health.”

Ni-Ni then said, “I’m just picky about my food.”

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After a while, Ni-Ni seemed to finally make decision to speak out what’s bothering her.

Ni-Ni said, “I think Mochi is your favorite.”

The parents felt sad to hear that. Now that they knew what’s on Ni-Ni’s mind, they would definitely care about her more. Hopefully one day Ni-Ni will understand that she and Mochi both are their favorite pets.

July 31, 2009

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