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Dolito’s pets talk: Freeze!

on May 25, 2012

This photo contains only part of Miss Dolito’s pets. She has 14 dogs and 5 cats; they live in separate floors.

One day, an air conditioner maintainer came. He’s extremely afraid of dogs

Right after he stepped into the house, all the dogs rushed to him and got him surrounded.

He could do nothing but stand still.

Chocolate the poodle said, “That’s right. Keep standing like this.”

Pon-Pon the west highland white terrier said to other dogs, “As long as he moves, we bark at him!”

So once the man moved, the dogs barked, and he had to freeze again. The dogs kept playing this game with him.

Finally it ended with Renee’s shouts. Poor maintainer!

May 23, 2012

Click here to see this story in Chinese. :)

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3 responses to “Dolito’s pets talk: Freeze!

  1. […] Dolito's pets talk: Freeze! « * Dolito * […]

  2. That would have been funny to see, not so much for the poor man I’m sure lol

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