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pets talk: Too Worried To Sleep

on May 23, 2012


Two elegant cats came here. One is called Go-Go (transliteration of 哥哥, meaning big brother), the other is Mei-Mei (transliteration of 妹妹, meaning little sister). How interesting their names are!

Go-Go said to the owner, “We’re not living in your HOME. We’ve never been back.”

The owner told us that she lived alone with the cats. But what did Go-Go mean?


Go-Go said, “I’ve never been to the place where you grew up, your original home. I’d like to go there and see it. I’m curious about your family.”

So that was what Go-Go tried to say. The owner laughed, and promised them to take them back there once she had time.

Go-Go added, “I want to go to the countryside.” He emphasized again which home he was talking about.



Go-Go continued, “I was very curious and worried before you get a stable job. I’m curious about your work.”

The owner was surprised that Go-Go would be so curious not only about her family, but about her life. She wondered if he was also curious about her relationship status.

Right after she said that, Go-Go said, “I’m also curious about your relationship status.” We all laughed out loud.

Go-Go said, “You have debts. I’m worried; I’m too worried to sleep.”

The owner smiled and said, “He’s talking about my loans, I think. It’s not that serious!”

The pets really are curious and concerned about their owners’ life. So the owners better let the pets know everything, lest they’re too worried to sleep well, just like Go-Go.

May 05, 2012

Click here to see this story in Chinese. :)

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4 responses to “pets talk: Too Worried To Sleep

  1. Pets are great listeners and non judgmental

  2. Lovely story ;”) hello furriends!

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