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pets talk: Restrain Yourself

on May 20, 2012


Belle the poodle is eight years old now.

Unlike other pets gathering here, she looked not pleased. And once she started talking, she said, “Not very happy.”


Belle continued, “She made excuses for not coming here, but she actually just went out with her friends.”

One of Belle’s owners didn’t come to see her talking, which disappointed Belle a lot.


Belle turned to another owner and said, “You don’t care for me, not much.”

The one that Belle talked to looked confused and nervous, mostly confused.

Belle said, “You often go out and make me feel insecure.”

The sisters really didn’t know what to say in reply, so there was this awkward silence.


But Belle kept on talking to her. (And I believe it’s because Belle cares about her.) Belle said, “You come home in the midnight or in the morning. I don’t approve of your behavior.”

Then she went on, “You have to restrain your own behavior. You’re not a little girl anymore, why can’t you restrain yourself?”

The sister smiled in embarrassment. She had no idea that Belle was so upset with her.

Belle came to conclusion, “I’m worried that nobody would want to marry you. You have to restrain yourself!”

May 05, 2012

Click here to see this story in Chinese. :)

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