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Brahma the 4-faced Buddha: Meningitis

on May 18, 2012


You may not be a believer of His, but you sure have heard of Him — Brahma the 4-faced Buddha. Brahma is believed to be originated from India, but the most well-known city when it comes to Brahma is Bangkok in Thailand.

Miss Li (aka Miss Dolito) has been leading about 30 people to take a weekend trip to Thai and to pray to Brahma monthly since 2010. Brahma the 4-faced Buddha is known for His power to fulfill one’s wishes; He speaks through Miss Li to tell the believers where their problems lie in and helps them to solve the problems.

(Below is the translation of Miss Li’s blog. I stands for Miss Li.)

There was a middle-aged lady coming to visit me several times. Unfortunately I always happened to be out. Therefore she left message to my assistant that she really needed to see me and talk to me.

Today, I finally have time for her. As soon as I met her, she started to cry, but not out of sorrow. She said, “Miss Li, I want to thank Brahma. But I don’t know what I can do to thank Him. What do you suggest, Miss Li?”

“What happened?”

She told me, “My little girl was diagnosed with Meningitis five years ago. She was in a coma. I went everywhere to pray to every God that I can think of, but nothing got better. I’ve visited almost all the temples in Taiwan, but it’s not helping. Later I saw a travel show which introduced Brahma in Thai, I immediately knelt down in front of the television and pray to Brahma, hoping my daughter could get better. I didn’t know if it’s useful. But then there was the miracle: my daughter awoke. I kept praying to Brahma in my mind, and she just recovered little by little. She is 90% recovered now. Then I heard you hold the trip to Thai to pray to Brahma, and you also have Brahma here (in our temple in Kaohsiung, Taiwan), so I just come to see you. I want to know what I can do to show my appreciation!”

*Yuan (緣 in Chinese/Mandarin) is really hard to explain. It might be the Yuan between Brahma and this daughter.

Brahma spoke. He said, “I was touched by the love of this mother. She had spent over a million NT dollars, most of which was taken by frauds, just for her daughter. I didn’t want her to lose everything without her daughter getting better, so I helped her.”

The lady responded, “It’s true! I spent a lot of money at that time. No matter how much they asked, I gave them without hesitation because I was afraid that they won’t save my daughter if they’re not satisfied with the payment. I spent all my savings.”

Only parents would give their love without asking something in return. (Everything has its exception though.) The love of parents is selfless. The love of God is even more selfless, and it’s greater than everything. Brahma the 4-faced Buddha helps people, and He asks for nothing in return.

May 09, 2012

*Yuan is a concept that one is destined to meet something or someone. If the relation between the 2 things/people is strong, then their Yuan is strong; and vice versa. There is good and bad Yuan. For example, if a girl dates a guy and they’re really meant to be together, then their Yuan is good. But if the guy is not really the right one and he causes the girl a lot of pain during their relationship, their Yuan is bad.

Click here to see this story in Chinese. :)

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3 responses to “Brahma the 4-faced Buddha: Meningitis

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