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pets talk: I Like My Owner

on May 16, 2012

According to Miss Dolito’s experiences consulting pets, we find out many owners are curious about how their pets call them. In fact, how they call their owners are affected, in most cases, by how the owners call themselves. If you tell your dog, “Come to Mommy!” (S)he’s most likely to call you Mommy. It’s just that simple.


Bow-Bow the Maltese is 2 years old now, a very energetic cute boy. He’s taken to Miss Dolito by his grandparents.

Bow-Bow says, “You sometimes beat me or yell at me.” However their son, Bow-Bow’s owner is praised, “My owner treats me very well. I like him a lot!”

The grandparents laugh.



Bow-Bow goes on and says, “My owner has a girlfriend. She’s nice to me, too.”

It sounds sweet, but Bow-Bow says, “They quarrel a lot. I’m worried. My owner often quarrels with his girlfriend when he’s in a bad mood. I’m worried that his girlfriend would leave him. You should pay more attention.”

The grandparents laugh again. They didn’t know Bow-Bow cares about this so much. It seems necessary to tell their son about Bow-Bow’s worries.


Bow-Bow has told them what’s on his mind, but besides that, the thing that this family wants to know about the most is Bow-Bow’s health condition.

Bow-Bow answers, “I’m good.”

Before leaving, Bow-Bow emphasizes again: “I like my owner!”

May 05, 2012

Click here to see this story in Chinese. :)

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2 responses to “pets talk: I Like My Owner

  1. Hi there, I check your blog daily. Your story-telling
    style is witty, keep it up!

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