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Dolito’s pets talk: Wrong Dog

on May 11, 2012


Hello everyone! Today I’m gonna introduce you another 2 members in Miss Dolito’s family: Yuan-Yuan(left) and Bow-Bow(right). They’re twins and almost share the same personality; it’s barely possible for people who didn’t know them to tell them apart. Especially when Renee gave them exactly the same ‘haircut,’ it’s hard to tell them apart even for their owners.

Recently Yuan-Yuan got an ear infection caused by molds. The vet said that he has to be separated from other dogs in order to prevent more infections, so he was put behind the pet fences.

One night Miss Dolito came home and heard Yuan-Yuan barking. Yuan-Yuan kept saying, “Mommy! Mommy! Let me out! Hurry, let me out!”

She went to hug and kiss him, trying to comfort him. She told him to be patient and that he can go outside only after his ears got cured.

Yuan-Yuam answered, “Mommy, look closer at my ears! I…”

Miss Dolito took a closer look at his ears before Yuan-Yuan completed his sentence. “Yuan-Yuan, your ears…”


It turned out his ears were just fine; there was no crust in his ears. It was strange; something’s not right. Miss Dolito immediately looked at “Bow-Bow’s” ear: there were the crusts.

Oops! Someone mistook Bow-Bow for Yuan-Yuan, and put him behind the fences! Bow-Bow said, “It was Uncle Lan who put me behind the fences. Mommy, I’ve been separated for 2 days! That’s why I started barking the second I saw you came back. They got the wrong dog!”
(p.s. Uncle Lan is a staff member of Miss Dolito’s pet hotel.)

Click here to see this story in Chinese. :)

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3 responses to “Dolito’s pets talk: Wrong Dog

  1. kdkh says:

    Glad they got back in their rightful places!

  2. […] He is quiet and doesn’t bark a lot, unlike Yuan-Yuan and Bow-Bow (forgot them? See this post!). […]

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