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pets talk: Doze Off

on April 30, 2012


Unlike most of the western countries, it’s hard to tell which religion has the most popularity in Taiwan. Therefore, when it comes to death, we have a lot of different thoughts of it: heaven an hell, reincarnation, and so on. Some pet owners ask us, will their pets be earthbound because the owners visit their graves (in this case, the memorial pagoda) too often? Does it make it harder for them to let go and move on? According to Miss Dolito’s experiences communicating with the spirits, the answer is NO. When the time comes, they just have to go; it’s not up to them.

Dong-Dong the mixed dog, was a very cute and sweet son, and he still IS. Dong-Dong’s mom finally made time for visiting him. When it was Dong-Dong’s turn, his first words was: “You finally came!” making the mom speechless.



Well, Dong-Dong didn’t mean to complain; he just missed her so much. Dong-Dong said to mom, “You don’t have enough sleep, and you get sleepy often. You should be careful when driving; you doze off sometimes. “

Dong-Dong’s mom nodded. She’s been busy and got very tired. Dong-Dong said to mom, “Take care.” As for himself, Dong-Dong said, “I’m fine.”

How sweet he was!

Mar 31, 2012

Click here to see this story in Chinese. :)

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