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pets talk: Save the Money

on April 19, 2012

So far in Taiwan, pets don’t have health insurance so it can be very expensive to take your pet to a vet. However, money is not the biggest issue. The worst problem is that there are always some vets trying to scam the owners. We’ve heard a lot in the past few years. The stories are all similar: once the vet finds out your pet is dying and can’t be cured, (s)he starts to persuade you to let your pet have surgeries or chemotherapy, and make you feel that there’s still hope that your baby pet can recover. It is the story that no one wants to experience.


Xiao-Meow (transliteration of 小喵) the chinchilla cat was one of the poor pets in this kind of stories. When his mom took him to us, we saw a very beautiful and elegant cat, just not very happy. But then we was shocked to learn that he was not going to live that long. Xiao-Meow’s mom told us that he’s been sick for a long time, and she made every effort to take care of him.

Xiao-Meow started to talk. He said, “I’m on medication. I hate it.”

The mom told us that actually Xiao-Meow was not taking a lot of medicine. She tried to use natural ingredients like vegetables and herbs to increase Xiao-Meow’s health. But some medicine was just unable to be replaced by herbs.

She said that the natural ingredients worked. But it seemed that Xiao-Meow considered those food ‘medicine’ and really disliked it.

The mom was trying to be optimistic, but Xiao-Meow suddenly said, “You should brace yourself; it’s about time.” indicating that he’s about to leave her for good. The mom burst into tears and said, “Don’t say that…”


But what made Xiao-Meow unhappy was not the fact that he’s going to die.

Xiao-Meow told his mom, “Stop wasting money for me. Save the money.”

Miss Dolito asked Xiao-Meow’s mom if she had spent a lot of money on medication. She nodded, and said that she was almost broke and was going to borrow money from her family. But when she saw Xiao-Meow’s situation was under control, she felt it’s worth it.

That was what upset Xiao-Meow the most. His mother ran out of money because of him, and that made him feel guilty. “I feel sad to see all this… the vets are scamming you.”

Xiao-Meow refused to take more photos. He looked at his mom and said, “You are not married. I hope you can find someone to marry, or you’ll be lonely when you get old.”

Xiao-Meow was not worried about his health; he worried about mom’s economy and he happiness. While the mom was just the opposite; she cared only about how Xiao-Meow was feeling. “Not well.” Xiao-Meow answered, and then said again, “Stop wasting money on me!”

Miss Dolito had similar experience a long time ago. Her pet, MiMi the schnauzer died from surgery, and later she found out there was actually no hope the MiMi could make it; even surgery couldn’t help. So she totally understood Xiao-Meow’s mom’s feeling.

Now when we meet some owners whose pets are dying and can’t be cured, we suggest them to take Hospice and Palliative Care. It’ll be better then to let them live with pain and too much medication for the rest of their life.

Xiao-Meow has passed for over 100 days now. May him rest in peace.

Nov 06, 2011

Click here to see this story in Chinese. :)

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