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pets talk: Dead Bear

on April 5, 2012

Since Miss Dolito dedicates herself to helping stray animals, many people may be curious about what she does for a living. Actually Miss Dolito made (the ground floor and second floor of) her home a pet hotel. And sometimes she also shares with us the conversations of those pets. It’s very interesting; we’ll feel like watching a pet version of the Pixar animation movie Toy Story.

This conversation was between a poodle and a black dachshund. The owner of the poodle brought a bear plushie for her puppy to play with. But the black dachshund might not have seen this kind of thing before, so he asked, “What is that right next to you?”

The poodle answered, “It’s a bear plushie.”

The black dachshund went on, “Why doesn’t it move? Why does it keep lying there?”

The poodle looked straight to the black dachshund.

The poodle said, “Because it’s dead!”

“Really?! Poor bear!” replied the black dachshund, really sorry for the bear.

…Miss Dolito could almost see the poodle shaking his head.

Click here to see this story in Chinese. :)

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