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Dolito’s pets talk: Who Dies First

on March 30, 2012

Here’s Chocolate the poodle again!

One day, Miss Dolito prepared some chicken for the oldest dog in the family, MowMow. The chicken was cooked with some herbs; Miss Dolito gave it to MowMow to see if this can improve his health and make him live longer.

In the morning when Mar saw the chicken, He said jokingly to Tzai-Tzai the maltese, “Tzai-Tzai, do you want me to steal some chicken from MowMow’s bowl for you?” Renee overheard it and said, “No way! That’s for MowMow. You can’t eat it, Tzai-Tzai.”

Tzai-Tzai: I won’t!
Chocolate followed: I won’t eat it, either! Because MowMow is about to die.

Renee (angrily): Who says MowMow’s about to die?!

Chocolate: I just said He’s ABOUT to die, not He Died. MowMow is the first one (to die). Lala is the second. . .
And this is Lala the Labrador (who’s actually younger than most of the dogs talking here):

Lala heard Chocolate and said immediately: Why me? I’m not the second old dog. Should be Xiao-Guai or Da-Xiong.
(Xiao-Guai and Da-Xiong are both MowMow’s sons.)

Chocolate: Ooo, I thought it was Lala. So the second old dogs are Xiao-Guai and Da-Xiong!

Xiao-Guai the schnauzer heard it, and became very nervous: WHAT?! I’m about to die?!! When will I die?!!!

Miss Dolito sighed: Stop it. What on earth are you talking about? If you keep talking, I will die first before them.
(And of course it’s just a joke like ‘she’ll be annoyed to death’ or something.)

Chocolate: Grandma, you won’t die first. Grandpa will. For he is older than you. . .
Miss Dolito: . . . . . .

Click here to see this story in Chinese. :)

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