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pets talk: I’m Not Sick

on March 25, 2012

The weather has been very changeable lately, and I think I’ve caught a cold or something. My sister came home yesterday and told me I should have the dogs trimmed. They look like 7 furry balls. But the weather just keeps stopping me from doing that. And those “furry balls” look kinda cute to me anyway.

Mickey the shih-tzu is already 20 years old. Mickey’s sister put him carefully in front of Miss Dolito. He’s weak, but he says to the sister, “I’m just old. I’m not sick; I don’t feel uncomfortable.”

It’s normal for old animals (including humans) to be weak, but it’s a bless to be weak only because of aging instead of illness. Mickey continues, “Someone in our family practices Buddhism, and I’m blessed by Buddha. For that I thank you very much.”

Mickey says to the sister, “I’m leaving. You’re not married yet; I’ve been holding on just to see you get married. I won’t be at peace if I can’t see you getting married.” The sister nods, and says that her wedding is just in few months. This is Mickey’s last wish; let’s hope it’ll come true.

Mickey says, “Your uncle cheated on his wife. I’m worried that your husband would do the same. I’m worried.” The sister laughs. She shakes her head and tells Mickey, “He won’t. Don’t worry. He won’t.”

Mickey tells his sister, “Take care of yourself. I can’t be there for you; you have to take care of yourself. You’re pure and simple and I’m afraid that you’d be conned.” The sister promises Mickey that she’ll be more careful and cautious.

“Your husband wants to have his own business. Tell him not to. He will lose money if he is the boss.” says Mickey.

About half a month (or a month) ago I tried to post an article about this but the system deleted my content for unknown reason (technical problem maybe). Miss Dolito writes in her own blog that being a boss is not the best choice for everyone. Some people would live better if not being bosses. In this case, the sister’s fiance is the one that should not be a boss.

Finally, Mickey says, “Thank you for taking care of me. I’ll be watching over you.” We all hope the best for Mickey!

Mar 03, 2012

Click here to see this story in Chinese. :)

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