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pets talk: I’m Not His Dog

on March 21, 2012


I believe I have shared the concept that when our lovely pets are gone, they don’t go to Heaven immediately; their spirits would stay with us for maybe a decade or more, and Miss Dolito can communicate with these lovely pet spirits. Also I have mentioned the memorial pagodas of TienYuan Life Care Association(→read the article) that have a lot of “members” now. Today I’m gonna share with you one of our best friends’ spirits.

Gogo the Labrador is a new member of this big family in TYLCA’s memorial pagoda in Taipei. He’s so excited that the owners come to visit him. But the first thing he says is: “I’m not his dog.”


We look at the man to see his reaction, and we find a little surprise on his face. Just a little. He says, “I think he is (my dog). . . but usually it’s my mom who take care of him.” No wonder Gogo says to the Mom, “I’m YOUR dog. Thank you very much for taking care of me.” Mom starts to cry, but with some comfort because she can feel Gogo’s appreciation.

Gogo continues, “Take care of yourself. You have to take medicine everyday, don’t forget that! Be sure to take your medicine on time.” Mom keeps nodding while she wipes away her tears. Even after he’s dead, Gogo is still worried about Mom’s health.



“You should stop worrying about them(her children). Just take good care of yourself!” says Gogo. Though the ‘children’ have all grown up, Mom still worries a lot. So Gogo hopes Mom can worry more about herself for she’s not in a good condition now.

Gogo says to Mom, “I will bless you and wish you a longer life. You sometimes recite Buddhist scriptures and practices abstinence from meat. You have to keep doing this.” Mom nods with a smile, and promises to take care of herself and to visit Gogo often in the future.

Mar 03, 2012

Click here to see this story in Chinese. :)

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