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pets talk: Birds of A Feather Flock Together

on March 14, 2012



I’ve been in love with a rock band lately, and my dogs are all forced to hear my terrible singing all the time. Haha! But I’m pretty sure they don’t mind if I feed them well. Today I want to share another story of our charitable weekend trip. This might be the last time we hold this activity because later Miss Dolito’s schedule will become tighter and tighter. (She has to work to support her own family after all.)

Honey the golden retriever is adopted. The moment we step in their cabin she runs toward us to show hospitality. She wears a very cute red collar with a big bow on it, playing with her favorite little ball, and she’s so thrilled she can’t stop running around.


She stands in front of me and tries to shake hands with me, and says, “I’m a pretty girl. I’m very happy today!” Yes Honey, we all can see that.

Honey suddenly changes subject and says, “I never gave birth to a child.”

While Miss Dolito, the other assistant and I are thinking whether she means that she want to have children, Honey’s Mom says, “Well! I’ve been wondering if she ever gave birth to puppies because as you can see, her nipples are big. And she’s adopted so I really want to know about her past.”

“So I’m telling you now.” says Honey. It seems that Mom has been asking this question for a while. “I tried, but failed.”

Honey lies down and changes the subject again, “I’m too fat; I wheeze much.” The Mom has noticed that, she tells us that Honey not only wheezes much, but also snores very loud when she’s sleeping. Honey adds, “It’s hard to breathe sometimes. It makes me sick.”



“Thank you for raising me.” says Honey.

Meanwhile Miss Dolito senses that Honey doesn’t think the Mom’s family like her. Honey says unhappily, “They complain about my size; they say I’m too big. But I’m the smaller one (as a golden retriever).”

Honey says to Mom, “I’m really thankful to you. So I behave myself and don’t get you into any kind of trouble.” The Mom keeps nodding with a smile. Honey’s words are truly touching.



Honey’s Mom also wants to know whether she was abandoned or she simply got lost; why did she wander on the street? After a hush Honey answers, “I was abandoned.” and then there’s a few-second pause, “It gives me headache whenever this question is asked.”

The Mom feels sorry about that, but she’s just dying to know more about dear Honey. She promises not to ask more questions about Honey’s past. But at the same time she finds it interesting that even pets have something that gives them headaches.

Half a minute later Miss Dolito asks Honey’s Mom, “Are you, uh, like, pampered?” Miss Dolito seems unsure because Honey’s Mom definitely doesn’t look like a pampered girl. But she’s asking because Honey says that she doesn’t like the pampered girl.


“Oh, I think she’s talking about my big sister. She’s a little bit self-centered.” says the Mom. “I’m fed up with that pampered girl. She’s spoiled, and she has a quick temper.” besides, Honey says, “And she doesn’t like me. She rules me out and she complains about me all the time. I’m upset.”

The Mom looks surprised and says that her sister does seldom interact with Honey or pet her. But she believes her family do like Honey, just not that deep as she does.

The Mom is trying to comfort Honey, but Honey says, “But I’m strong. I’m not gonna crash!” The Mom smiles, “That’s my girl!” says she.

“I’m happy because you make me happy, and I will make you happy too!” Honey says to her Mom. The Mom is so touched that she keeps saying that she’s gonna cry!


Honey looks at Mom’s friend and says, “I know you. You’re also a silly girl.” Before the friend can react, she continues, “You’re silly too. You two are like the saying: Birds of a feather flock together.” Mom and friend burst into laughter. Apparently they know what Honey is talking about.

We ask her why Honey say they’re silly, the Mom tells us that they’re really silly when it comes to relationships. They’re silly to do so much for the wrong guys. Miss Dolito smiles and says, “We’re planning to hold a trip to Japan, and pray for good relationships to the Goddess there. You wanna join us?”

The two girls look at each other and then at Miss Dolito, trying to say something, while Honey interrupts, “Just do it!” We all laugh hard. Honey is so cute!! Finally, Honey sits in front of the Mom and smiles, “I have a great time outside of home. Thank you so much!!”

Mar 10, 2012

Click here to see this story in Chinese. :)

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  1. kdkh says:

    Love the pictures!

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