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pets talk: You Can Marry My Mom

on March 9, 2012


Ang-Ang(transliteration of ㄤㄤ, sounding like “on on”) is a white Pomeranian, eight years old. Ang-Ang has this incredibly shiny smile that brings a little sunshine into this house.

Ang-Ang tells her Mom, “Your backbone aches, so my backbone aches, too.”

This is a concept that I believe to be totally new to the Western culture. Miss Dolito finds out that pets SHARE the burdens of  their owners. It’s a way to release the owners from the pain more or less, and not just physical pain, but also mental one; for example, depression. Of course pets do not have the supernatural power to ask for sharing the burdens by themselves. They just take it, and they still love their owners.


Ang-Ang turns her face to the Dad(who is not yet married to her Mom) and says, “You were married once. But I like you. You’re very nice to me, so I don’t mind that you were married before.”

Usually pets don’t like their owner dating someone who was married. I guess they might think those people got to have some problem or why didn’t their first marriage last? But Ang-Ang’s Dad is so nice that Ang-Ang doesn’t mind his past. So Ang-Ang tells her Dad, “You can marry my Mom. I’m OK with that!”


Finally, Ang-Ang says to her Mom, “You don’t have a job. It’s good that you don’t have a job; I like it that you don’t have to go to work.” Ang-Ang likes Mom staying home and playing with her. Well, now I know why Ang-Ang brings about the marriage thing. If Dad and Mom get married, then Mom won’t have to worry too much about money because Dad can have it covered? Hmm…

Feb 04, 2012

Click here to see this story in Chinese. :)

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One response to “pets talk: You Can Marry My Mom

  1. […] believe I have mentioned before that pets share the burdens of their owners involuntarily in this article. And as I said everything has exception, Mini seems to be the kind that doesn’t like to share […]

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