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pets talk: Slack Off

on March 6, 2012

It feels like summer in Taiwan now(or at least in the city I live in, one of the biggest southern cities in Taiwan), and I doze off easily during work. Not good. Every time I struggle to stay awake I just start to envy those pets because they’re loved by their owners and most of they don’t have to work. But there are always some exceptions.


This french bulldog is named Xiao-Guai(transliteration of 小乖, meaning ‘well-behaved’). He’s only one year old but well trained, and what’s more, he is the ‘SUPERVISOR’ of a Harley-Davidson moped shop!


Xiao-Guai’s owner and Beauty the Boston terrier’s owner are sisters.The first thing Xiao-Guai says is: “We belong to different owners. I have nothing to do with her; we’re not living in the same place.” Xiao-Guai’s Sister, who is the elder one, laughs and begins to wonder how in the world Xiao-Guai feels about Beauty.

Then Xiao-Guai turns to the younger sister’s friend and says, “You are Joe Blow.” The “Joe Blow” friend is totally speechless, which I believe is the purpose of Xiao-Guai saying that.


“I work all the time. You have holidays. I don’t.” says Xiao-Guai.

The elder sister nods and tells us that Xiao-Guai stays at the shop even during non-business hours. It’s true that he doesn’t have holidays. Xiao-Guai adds, “You don’t take me out, so I go out myself.” The sisters nod again and says that whenever Xiao-Guai feels like peeing, he won’t wait for them to take him out.

Xiao-Guai not only talks about himself. He tells the sisters, “Your employees slack off sometimes.” The sisters keep their eyes wide open, and call Xiao-Guai “The dog boss” because he really does what a boss does.


Xiao-Guai goes on, “There’s an old person in our family. He suffers from several illnesses and he’s disabled. Poor man.” The sister thinks for a while and thinks of a relative that’s in exactly the same situation Xiao-Guai describes. And she happens to have taken Xiao-Guai to visit that relative not long ago.

Xiao-Guai tells the sister, “I think he will die soon. I wish you could take me to visit him often.” The sisters are so touched when they learn that Xiao-Guai is not only fun but also sympathetic.

“I like that place. Don’t forget to bring me there!” says Xiao-Guai.

Something crosses the sister’s mind all of a sudden. She tells Miss Dolito that there’s a poodle in that relative’s house. Xiao-Guai seems to like the poodle very much. And she asks, is it because he likes the poodle that he wants to be there often? Miss Dolito laughs and says, “Highly possible.” Sympathetic? Come on. . .

Feb 05, 2012

Click here to see this story in Chinese. 🙂

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