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Dolito’s pets talk: Buy Me A Wife

on March 2, 2012


Last night before going to bed, I spent, like, 2 hours writing a blog that said “being a boss isn’t always a good choice, at least not for everyone” and when I published it, the photo and the content just vanished. I went to the editing page but it was also blank, which drove me crazy because I was very tired. Well, apparently the wordpress system didn’t find that topic interesting so it simply deleted it, and so I’m not gonna write it again. 😛

Today I want to share another short story that happened in Miss Dolito’s house. Chocolate the poodle has a lot of fans here in Taiwan; he somehow becomes the most popular and well-known pet in Miss Dolito’s family. And by the way, he’s the son of Kuli.

Since Kuli calls Miss Dolito ‘Mom,’ Chocolate calls her ‘Grandma,’ which makes Miss Dolito’s daughter Renee Chocolate’s Mom.

Renee also has a male cat who’s going to be an adult, and she recently bought a female cat to be his wife. The male cat, Max(actually his Chinese name sounds more like Mice but it’ll be strange that a cat is named Mice so I’ll call him Max) loves his wife. The family talk a lot about those two cats.

One day when Renee came home, Chocolate rushed to her and said, “Mommy! Can you also buy me a wife?”

Renee said to Chocolate, “Seems legit. You’re 2 or 3, already an adult but have no wife. O.K. then, I can get you one!”

Chocolate responded, “Really? Cool! I want one just like Max’s wife! I want it to be white!”

Umm? Something’s not right. . .

Renee asked Chocolate, “Choco, what do you want? Do you know what a wife is?”

“Of course I do! Wife is the white cat you just bought! I want a white cat, too! Wife is that white cat!” answered Chocolate.

Renee reformed the question, “Do you know what the meaning of Wife is?”

Chocolate said, “I don’t want Meaning; I want Wife!”

It’s gonna take time to figure out how to explain to Chocolate! (DOH)

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3 responses to “Dolito’s pets talk: Buy Me A Wife

  1. learningdog says:

    Lots of humor in Miss Dolito’s house. 😀 Very cute.

  2. […] there’s a white cat (besides Xiao-Shin-Shin) in Miss Dolito’s home. I mentioned her in this post where Renee’s cat Max got a wife and Chocolate also wanted one. Her name is […]

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