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pets talk: Post It

on February 16, 2012


Luka is a Golden Retriever, 11 years old. He ran toward Miss Dolito on the sight of her, showing great passion and friendliness. Let’s see what he said!

Luka: I’ve talked to you before! I talked a lot last time.

Luka’s Sister nodded, looking surprised; she didn’t know that Luka had such great memory and that Luka still remembered having talked to Miss Dolito.

Luka: Time flies!

You really sounded like an old man, Luka. Maybe 11 years old to a dog was like 60 years old to human, but Luka was still healthy and energetic!


Luka: Graduated. Left. Out.

Miss Dolito was totally confused and asked, “Who graduated?” The Sister shook her head and said she had no idea. Miss Dolito went on and asked, “Then who left?”

Luka’s Sister smiled, “That should be me. I’m married and I moved to my husband’s house.” said she.

So Luka was actually talking about his Sister. But why did you say ‘graduated’ and ‘out?’ We are still confused now but I don’t think that matters anymore.

Luka (after a pause): I miss you.

Luka’s Sister sighed. She had promised to come back to see Luka often. Or maybe Luka can move to Sister’s new house? I hope the Sister’s husband would love him like the Sister does.


Luka: You just got married recently. I don’t like your husband; I want to punch him. You may not be able to have child.

The Sister laughed out loud and said, “But I have had a baby!”

Luka (sneeringly): I don’t admit that’s your child.

Wait, what?! The Sister was totally speechless. Luka, how about admitting that you just miss Sister too much?


Luka (suddenly): She’s annoying.

The Sister told Miss Dolito that Luka might be referring to the Grandma.

Luka: She lives with us. Why doesn’t she live in others’ place?

Luka’s Sister asked why Grandma should live in others’ place.

Luka: How’s her condition? When will she die? I’ve been her punch bag. She’s rude and  bossy; she hates everyone.

The Sister admitted that. But it might be that Grandma didn’t feel well and her emotion was affected. That was why she had such a bad temper.

Luka: She treats me like a punching bag just because I’m a dog. Miss Dolito, please post it (what I’ve said) on the internet! I need to vent my anger! Don’t forget to take photos of my owners, too! I’ve been waiting for this day for so long……!

Feb 01, 2012

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