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pets talk: Hatred

on February 12, 2012

Some neighbors are celebrating marriage outside of my home right now. It’s like a tradition here in Taiwan; people celebrate things in public so other people may share their noises…no, I mean ‘joyousness.’ I wish the best for the newlyweds!

Today I’m gonna share a story without any photos. This story can be happening in a lot of families; at least we’ve seen a lot.

“A dog that once talked to me 4 years ago is brought to see me. He has grown up, but in a very negative way. His hatred has been growing.

What causes his hatred? It’s his Grandma, the mother-in-law of his Mom.

He keeps saying,”Grandma thinks that I am only a dog that doesn’t deserve to live such a comfortable life. A dog should be stay outside; a dog should be blahblah…. Whenever Mom treats me well, she scolds Mom. She always picks on Mom.”

The relationship between the dog and his Grandma has not been well. One day, the Grandma was hospitalized. The dog asks me, in the way a naive kid speaks, “When will Grandma die? Don’t save her.”

Who should take the blame in this story? I’m afraid no one should. The Grandma has a lot of complaints about her family, but dare not vent her anger to the family. So she finds her way to vent her hatred to the poor dog.

I say to him, “Grandma is old, and you have to put up with her. She is the eldest of your family after all. ”

The dog nods, very reasonably. What else can he do?”

(This is translated from Miss Dolito’s notes. ‘I’ stands for Miss Dolito.)

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