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pets talk: Do You Have Apples?

on February 6, 2012


People used to think the most popular pet dogs would be Retrievers, Malteses and so on. But I feel recently there’s a new trend, which I call ‘the rise of Corgis.’ There are so many funny pictures, video clips about Corgis, and each of them is super heart-melting cute! (I even think about raising one when my present pets are all gone… in the future, of course.)

Today I’m gonna share the story of Zero the Corgi, a very cute and lively boy. The moment when Miss Dolito and I stepped into their cabin, Zero rushed toward us passionately. Before his Parents finished filling in their info, Zero stared to talk. “I eat a lot.” said Zero. He said he never knew how it felt like to be stuffed. And then he continued, “Do you have apples? I love apples!”



The Mom smiled surprisingly and said, “He does love apples! But he eats too much, we’re now controlling the amount of food he has. he has to lose some weights.”

Zero ran to us but ran away soon. We thought he wanted to say hello to us but that was clearly not his intention. The other assistant of Miss Dolito’s walked in, he ran to her immediately, putting his whole head into her tote bag, and said disappointedly, “Why don’t you bring any food?”


“I’m desexed. Or I could have great kids.” Zero has got many advantages that can be passed to the next generation, too bad that he couldn’t have any. But he pulled himself up quickly, and began to play with his Parents.

While Zero played with his Dad, his Mom asked Miss Dolito if Zero was afraid of the Dad. Many pets are afraid of their dad because they usually get punished by dad, not mom. But Zero said, “He’s reasonable.” Miss Dolito explained further, “Zero knows that Dad only kicks his ass when he does something wrong, so he’s OK with it.”

The Mom was so happy to learn that Zero was so mature. “What about me?” She asked Zero.

“You’re the best Mom in the world! You’re the kindest and most beautiful person!”

Zero’s Mom literally couldn’t stop laughing!



Zero then looked at his Dad and said, “You hardly do any exercise. you’re lazy.”

“It’s not your b—, wait, is he suggesting that I should take him out to exercise more often?” What a quick thinker! Miss Dolito nodded.

Zero said to his Dad, “You can’t fall asleep at nights, neither can I.” The Dad said with a nod, “It is hard for me to fall asleep. I think it’s because of the pressure from work or something else. . . but why can’t Zero sleep? He shouldn’t have any pressure.”

“I sleep too much by days.” answered Zero. “You may also sleep too much by days.” No, your Dad is totally different from you, OK? It’s just adorable that he said this.



“You have to have a baby.” Zero said to his Mom. This sentence could be understood as “You’re gonna have a baby” in Mandarin, and the Mom thought Zero was talking about the latter.

The Mom said, a little embarrassed, “But we haven’t planned to have baby. . .”

Zero nestled his head to Mom’s laps, “Elder people have been talking about this. It’s so annoying!”

So Zero was so annoyed  that he wished his Parents could have a baby soon to shut the elders up. Well, but if your parents don’t want a child. . . I guess you cannot force them, right?



Zero changed the subject. “Snoring. . .”

The Mom laughed and said, “His Dad, yes. And Zero snores while sleeping, too!”

Let’s see what Zero wanted to talk about snoring: Zero said to his Dad, “You snore too loud. Don’t snore!” Zero complained that he was often woken up by Dad’s thunderous snores.

“What?! But you snore too!” Poor Zero’s Dad. . .


Zero stopped running around and lay down. We thought he was tired but Miss Dolito told us that he’s just hungry. Zero’s Dad said, “You’ve had your lunch, and it’s not dinner time yet! You cannot go on eating like that. You have to lose weights.”

“I don’t wanna lose weights. I look cute just like this!” Zero said, “You go ahead, I’ll pass.”

Jan 28, 2012

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