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pets talk: Vagrant

on January 29, 2012

It’s been a while, my friends! Recently I’ve been, like, extremely busy taking over some works, and learning how to do it at the same time. Chinese New Year vacation is over and people in my country mourn a lot because after 9 days off, we’ll have to work from tomorrow on, and I will go on a business trip for 2 days. Hopefully I can update this blog 3-4 times a week.


This was the second time Bow-Bow the Scottish Fold came to meet with Miss Dolito. She wasn’t prepared last time because her owner didn’t tell her that she was going to talk, and it wasn’t her Mom that took her here. This time, they gave it a second shot and finally got their feedback.


Bow-Bow kept her silence for about 2 minutes, which made her family really nervous. But then she ‘opened her mouth.’

She said to the Uncle, “You’re a vagrant.”

Bow-Bow’s Mom (the young one) burst into laughter and said, “What? He? But he has a job!”

They asked Miss Dolito if Bow-Bow really had no idea that Uncle had a job, Miss Dolito said, “I think she knows.”


But why did Bow-Bow call Uncle a vagrant if she knew he had a job? Here’s the answer:

Bow-Bow said to Uncle, “You job gives you no pressure. And so you don’t work hard. You have no ambitions.” Just like a vagrant.

Uncle nodded and laughed. He agreed with Bow-Bow about his job. But God! A job without pressure would be my New Year resolution! I hope my dogs wouldn’t think I’m too lazy.


“I’m sort of disappointed in you.” said Bow-Bow  to Uncle.

The Uncle didn’t know what to say or how to react because everybody knew that he wouldn’t be so happy to change that.

Bow-Bow said, “Your mother works much harder than you.”

Look at the Grandma’s face, how happy she was on hearing that!

The Mom and Uncle were so lazy to Bow-Bow, that she could not NOT murmuring to them.

“You’re loose. . . day after day after day. . . ” murmured Bow-Bow.


The Mom asked, “Why are you just taking about him? What about me?”

And then Bow-Bow gave her the annoyed look but said nothing. So Miss Dolito said it for her.

“So are you.” she said, that was what Bow-Bow was thinking. Surprisingly the Mom laughed out loud and said, “Yes! Yes! Totally!” Now, I’m the one who’s speechless. . .

Bow-Bow’s Grandma was so hardworking, but speaking of her two dear children, Bow-Bow said, “You two make me want to shake my head~” so without words. I guess a sign is enough.

….I still envy the Uncle though.

Jan 4th, 2012

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