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The Dead Pet’s Feast

on January 9, 2012

Did I ever mention that there are lots of memorial pagodas (not really a pagoda or a tower, we’re simply using the name) that are for pets? More and more people consider their pets part of the family, therefore a lot of morticians start to develop this promising market, and give us the chance to treat our pets like humans even after they die.

TienYuan Life Care Association also has this service. We have 3 memorial pagodas in Taipei, Taichung and Kaohsiung, each of which is a metropolis in Taiwan. The owners come and visit their late pets often, and they bring tasty food for the pets every time. It might surprise people from western culture but here in Taiwan, it’s normal and we find it sweet.



DingDing (transliteration of 丁丁) was a Maltese. Actually I prefer present tense because I believe even if he has become a spirit now, he is still a Maltese.

The first time that I visited this place, I met DingDing’s Mom, who went there way too early. Miss Dolito promised to translate the dead pets’ words but she had other business in the morning. Pet consultation began in the afternoon. So I told DingDing’s Mom to have lunch first, or she’ll have to starve till then.

After she came back from lunch, Miss Dolito, DingDing’s Mom and I went upstairs to visit DingDing. (p.s. These photos were taken afterward. The day I first met DingDing’s Mom I didn’t take any photos.) But DingDing only said two things. One, he’s too hungry to talk. Two, he wanted to have fried chicken and milk. He was being very specific!



DingDing’s Mom was very surprised and said, “Oh, I just had fried chicken as lunch! And I saw an owner gave her (dead) pet a bottle of milk! Did DingDing also see all of these?”

Miss Dolito nodded.

DingDing’s Mom said, “I see! I’ll bring some next time!”

And so we have these photos as you can see. McDonald, KFC, milk, bubble tea…(How I envy you, DingDing!)


DingDing’s Mom said that she didn’t know which one DingDing preferred so she bought them all, and left the choice to DingDing.

Some owners has this question in mind: can we really feed them with this kind of food? Pets can eat none of these when they’re alive after all.

Well, the answer is definitely YES. Since the pets are spirits now they don’t have to worry about cholesterol or hyperlipemia. And these are the food of their dream. They watched their owner have it, and they smelled it, but couldn’t eat it themselves when they were alive. But now they can have whatever they want! So why don’t we just give them what they desire to have?

As for the question that do they really ‘eat’ the food? We say yes though we don’t see changes on the food, but we won’t force you to believe us if you don’t. 🙂

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