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Pets Talk: Make Them Love Me

on December 29, 2011


His name is Ballas(transliteration of 巴勒斯). A 9-year-old husky.


His name is Oreo, approximately 8 years old. The Sister took him home from the Stray Animal Shelter few years ago.

Ballas and Oreo are opposite to each other in many ways, not only that one of them is white and the other black. For example, Ballas is very energetic and can’t stop moving, while Oreo is quiet, he only stands or sits next to his Sister. So what are they going to say?


Ballas: You had me first. He was after me. I’ve been your dog since you were a student, I can remember it clearly.

Sister: Yes, he’s right. Ballas has been in my home when I was a little girl. But. . . did he say these in order to show Oreo that he’s the boss?

Miss Dolito: Maybe, I’m not sure. Let’s see what he’ll say later.

Ballas: You’re not studying now.

(Well, it seems that Ballas has changed subject.)


Sister: No, I graduated.

Ballas: You’re not working either.

Sister: That’s true. . .

Ballas: Go get a job!

It must cost much to raise Ballas and Oreo, I suppose? No wonder Ballas hopes Sister could have a job and earn some money as soon as possible.


Ballas: You’re lazy.

Sister: Hah! Am I?

(I think Ballas was saying YES with his eyes.)

Ballas: You plan to go on studying.

Sister: The graduate school, yes.

Ballas: I’d say NO, don’t waste your money.

Sister: What? Why?

Ballas: You don’t really want to study, so don’t. . .

The Sister feels embarrassed because Ballas is right. She just thinks it would be easier to be a student than to work.



It’s Oreo’s turn. The Sister looks anticipative again.

Oreo: Your family don’t seem to like me well to me, and I feel sad about it.

The sparkles in the Sister’s eyes are replaced by tears right away.

The Sister tells us: My family think Oreo is not that good-looking as Ballas is. And Ballas is a husky, while Oreo is just a Formosan, to them it’s just like the difference between Chanel and some unknown brand that’s cheap. . . Sometimes they even blame me for taking another big dog home to increase their burden, but I know it’s not about their burden. They don’t like him only because he’s nothing they can brag about.

The Sister holds Oreo tight, and keeps telling him that she loves him.

Oreo: I will try my best to be nice to make them love me.


Oreo says to Sister: You’re very kind, I can’t thank you enough. I’ll be well-behaved, I won’t get you into any trouble.

Miss Dolito: Just want to let you know that. . . Oreo tries everything he can to make your family love him not because he loves them, but because he doesn’t want to be the reason your family blame you for. Because if they like him, they will stop complaining about your taking him home.

The Sister nods in tears.

Oreo says to Sister: Thank you for raising me!

I hope the best for Oreo. Maybe some day in the future the Sister can change her family’s mind, maybe not. If not, I wish the Sister can be independent of her family, so that Oreo won’t have to bare the indifference he’s baring right now. Good luck!

December 03, 2011

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